Pimentón BBQ-Rubbed Pork with Tapenade and Truffle Crackers

Here’s a new idea for a modern tapa or shared appetizer: Pimenton BBQ Rubbed Pork with Tapenade and Truffle Crackers. First, Chef Barbara Alexander from The Culinary Institute of America prepares the BBQ rub marinade with Pimentón Ahumado La Chinata, cumin, salt and pepper. She coats the Alta Expresión Selección de Montanera pork tenderloin, which is made from world-renowned acorn-fed 100% Ibérico pork from Spain. Allow the pork to marinade overnight. Once the flavors from the Pimentón BBQ rub are nicely infused, she sears the tenderloin until done, then thinly slices the pork. She serves the sliced pork with red pepper tapenade with Paul and Pippa Gourmet Food truffle-flavored crackers. Your guests will love this unique combination of flavors.