Interview with Chef Javier Plascencia of Misión 19 in Tijuana, Mexico

The charismatic personality of Chef Javier Plascencia, born in Tijuana Mexico, is reflected in his interpretation of the cuisine of Baja California, a state that he promotes with passion by using ingredients from the fields, farms and the sea of the region. He began his career in the kitchen of his family, where he learned and experimented with the “rules” of cooking. He opened his first restaurant in Tijuana in 1989, Saverios Mediterráneo, which eventually became Casa Plascencia. But it was in 2011, with Mission 19, that Javier defined the creative essence of his cuisine by consolidating his own style based on his journeys, on his interpretation of the California gastronomy. El Erizo followed, a seafood restaurant that combines elements of street style food with traditional cuisine. In 2012 Javier launched Finca Altozano, a restaurant-vineyard within two hectares of land. In 2015 he inaugurated Bracero, Cocina de Raíz, at the heart of the dining district of San Diego, Little Italy. Here he pays tribute to the laborers who crossed into the US to work the field. Bracero has been nominated for the James Beard Award. His most recent project is Khao San, a culinary concept based on his journeys to Thailand, where he explores textures of the east, combined with Tijuanense urban gastronomy. As part of his passion for the benefits offered by the state, Javier created Finca La Divina, a bed and breakfast where the nature of Valle de Guadalupe can be enjoyed.